ONLINE PAISA KAISE KAMAYE ONLINE INDIA MAIN HINDI $15 per hour , how to make money online in india ,


You how you can earn up to $15 per hour just simply searching on Google so stay tuned for that. Before we go into if you are interested in making money online and entrepreneurship in general don’t forget my post.

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You’re interested in learning how to make a full time passive income online just like I am click that link. You can learn just how to do that but guys without further ado let’s get into this POST.

I’ll show you how you can make money searching Google alright guys so in this video I’m gonna be showing. You three different websites that are gonna pay you to be a search engine evaluator.ONILINE PAISA KAISE KAMAYE ONLINE INDIA MAIN HINDI $15 per hour , how to make money online in india .

if you don’t know what that is basically guys they’re gonna pay you for searching for things on Google. Other types of search engines and then rating the search results okay so they’ll give you a certain query whatever.

it is but can be all sorts of different things then they want you to just search for that. See what sorts of things come up and give it a rating okay because they do have robots up and do this you know it’s stuff like that come technology that will do it for them.

But it’s not very accurate they want real people to do this for them so these three websites. That I’m gonna be showing you today they all pay up to $15 per hour.  They’re around 12 to 15 dollars per hour so stay tuned and I’ll show you them all right now alright guys the first one.

I’m gonna show you is this one on your screen right now this is a pan you can find it at a pan calm appear. I said I’ve already explained what is search engine evaluator is you will be doing exactly. That on this they will give you some search queries will search for it.


How to make money online in india 1#

You’ll get paid to do it so if you want to apply this you can click on this find flexible jobs up here this will take you to the careers. Like I said here’s a greatest of all part-time home base where the requires a greater and or mobile device so this one guys.

it is flexible is kind of flexible times climb is kind of part-time they require you do about 20 hours per week. You can spit that up whenever you want okay you have to do 20 hours per week.

You can do 10 hours over two days if you want you can do four hours over five days. If you want it doesn’t matter how you have you spell it B times entirely up to you okay.

They do have some other jobs as well on your like micro tasks completing single tasks have made videos on about this. Before I’m just gonna be focusing on this today because that’s what I’m talking about in this video.

So guys to be to become a search engine evaluator you’re obviously gonna need a general knowledge of all the search engine. How they work okay you should have used Google before which I’m sure you have Bing and Yahoo all these different search engines.

How to make money online in india 2#

You’re gonna need a basic knowledge of how they work and stuff like that. You can have neat a very very high attention to detail okay. That’s what they’re looking for people very high attention to detail and you must have the ability to follow instructions.

Exactly exactly how they give you the instructions and that is to be a a search engine evaluator. They also have another job on you guys a rater that they’re in the rater category. It’s gonna be a social media evaluator gets a little bit different use gonna be evaluating social media platforms like.

I have a excellent knowledge of all the majors social media platforms of the Facebook Instagram Twitter. You’re gonna need To be like well-versed in all of these you probably need to be a daily user. Of all major search engines to even be considered for this one.





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