Amit Bhadana | Amit Bhadana video | Amit bhadana comedy :- Who is the Amit Bhadana? why he famous more than bollywood actors?

Who is the Amit Bhadana?

Who is the Amit Bhadan why he famous more than bollywood actors?. Amit Bhadana is a comedian and he make video on youtube. Amit bhadana makes many videos  on family friendly with posetive massages so everyon like this. Make videos on youtube befor 2 years. He make videos on family topic student topic child topics and then he properly famous on youtube.

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He uploaded also bloopers videos on your instagram and he active also many times. Amit bhadana is a posetive man and he makes videos with his friends. Friends with a actress Riya mavi.

Who is Riya mavi ? Riya mavi’s relations with Amit bhadana?

Who is Riya Mavi and relation? Riya mavi is a actress she acted on amit bhadana’s video. RIya mavi is a good actress and acting is mind blowing. She make video on own channel also. She famous by amit bhadana’s videos.

Amit Bhadana Viral Video chart (15M Subscriber)

1. Types Od People In a Bus – Amit Bhadana 47,841,632 Views 816k Likes
2.School ke wo din 47,160,461 Views 1.3M Likes
3.Behan Bhai ki school life  46,590,210 Views 1.3M Likes
4.Desi vs Others (Relationship ki kahani 45,983,320 Views 833k Likes
5.Parichay (Official Music video) 43,166,166 Views 2.9M Likes
6.Dastaan- E- Dokha 41,346,675 Views 773k Likes
7. Berozgari 32,586,043 Views 681k Likes
8. Behen Bhai in a Desi Family- Raksha Bandan Special video 30,495,683 Views 1.1M Likes
9.Padhaku vs Last 28,676,078 Views 1M Likes
10. Dosti  27,144,776 Views 1M Likes


Amit Bhadana’s Videos

Amit Bhadana’s First video was “Exam be like. boards prperation be like” and this video get 3.8m views within 1 year. Top Viral video “Types of people in a bus” and this video gyan 47m views with 816k likes. Amit bhadana’s behan bhai ki school life break many rocord al over world. Behan bhai ki school life video gyan 46m views with 1.3m likes and this video break likes record on individual creator. 1M likes within 1 hour and record was  top ten video all over india (indivedually).

Amit bhadana How much Earn by Youtube?

Amit bhadana $17.5K – $280.6K earn by youtube (result by socialblade) in one month. Yearly income $210.4K – $3.4M estimated yearly earnings is it. How to check amit bhadana’s income and more detail so go to the socialblade page and search the amit bhadana then you know all thing all details by socialblade.

Amit Bhadana how much earn by sponsership?

Amit bhadana earn by sponsership more then youtube. He earn monthly 2-4 lacks by sponsership. He get many sponsership because subscriber are much a countingless so get sponsership easily and hi price also.

Amit Bhadana story

Amit bhadana is honarable lawer. When he create video 1st time in youtube that time he make dubbing video. Then he found the copyright problem and the channel terminat by youtube. Then he started own video in own channel then he famous fastly and he create more video with her brother. Amit bhadana make positive and friendly content then he grow in your life. He make name fam with her game” means comedy videos. He is a indian and then he make video in hindi language. Amit bhadana get many awards in award show by youtube instagram andf many other platform. He is the greatest youtuber in world on youtube.


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