This beautiful & hot 43-year-old actress Deepshikha has been divorced twice, now living a lonely life

Hello friends and welcome to my channel once again. You must all know that in Bollywood, marriages and divorces are related to each other. So today we are going to tell about an actress. Who was married at the age of 43? And both of them are divorced. She is now leading a happy life alone. So let’s know who that actress is?

Today the actress we are talking about today. She is the actress and none of the actress named Deepshikha who is the Mysore actress of the TV serials. And I have also worked in Bollywood. He has many super-duper hit films. For your information, let us tell you that, he has also worked with Salman Khan in the film Partner released in 2008. Apart from this, Deepshikha also played the lead role in the 1997 film Koal. In this film she has played the character of Amrish Puri’s mistress.

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Deepshikha is very beautiful and hot even today. But according to reports, Deepshikha’s first marriage was with Jeet Upendra in 1997. After 10 years of marriage, Deepshikha divorced her husband. After this, he married his second marriage to Aksu Arora in the year 2012, but both of them got divorced after 4 years of marriage. Now she is living a happy life alone.

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