Ration card – WBPDS Ration card

Ration playing cards are a professional report issued by way of state governments in India to families that are eligible to buy backed food grain from the Public Distribution System (under the National Food Security Act). They additionally function as a commonplace form of identity for plenty of Indians.

Ration card - WBPDS Ration card
Ration card – WBPDS Ration card

Under the National Food Security Act, all state governments in India have to spot families that can be eligible for purchasing subsidized food grain from the Public Distribution System and supply them with ration playing cards. There are two kinds of ration cards below NFSA.

  • Priority ration card – priority ration cards are issued to households that meet the eligibility criteria set by their state government. Each priority household is entitled to 5 kilograms of food grain per member per month.
  • Antyodaya (AAY) ration cards are issued to the “poorest of poor” households. Each AAY household is entitled to 35 kilograms of food grain per month.

Above Poverty Line (APL) ration cards that were issued to households living above the poverty line (as estimated by way of the Planning Commission). These families received 15 kilograms of food grain (in accordance with availability).

Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration cards that had been issued to households residing below the poverty line. These households won 25-35 kilograms of food grain. Antyodaya (AAY) ration playing cards that had been issued to the “poorest of poor” families. These families received 35 kilograms of meal grain.

Application Process

Section 10 (1a and 1b) of the National Food Security Act requires state governments to identify families to be lined under priority and AAY classes within 12 months from the commencement of NFSA and position the listing of known eligible households in the public area. After the enactment of NFSA, all state governments evolved a set of eligibility standards to spot households for issuing ration playing cards.

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Based on those eligibility criteria, new ration playing cards were issued. In some states (akin to Bihar and Madhya Pradesh), the state governments used present data (such as the Socio-Economic Caste Census) to identify households and factor new ration playing cards. In different states (corresponding to Chhattisgarh and Odisha), eligible households had to follow for brand new ration playing cards thru a self-declaration process.

Aadhaar-enabled beneficiary

The financial institution accounts and ration cards of eligible beneficiaries are connected to their Aadhaar numbers. A bank account may also be enabled as AeBA by way of seeding (linking) it with an Aadhaar quantity. Seeding makes mapping knowledge stored on the NPCI fee gateway that facilitates the subsidy cost. Seeding is helping identify genuine and eligible beneficiaries and stops duplicate and non-existent persons from registering.

Ration card - WBPDS Ration card
Ration card – WBPDS Ration card

Users can link a checking account as a self-service possibility thru ATM kiosks, the Internet, financial institution web pages, telephone, or by providing a replica of the Aadhaar letter to a financial institution. Prior to Aadhaar, the problems plaguing and derailing social security methods in India have been caused by means of corrupt officials and middlemen manipulating paper information and stand-alone databases of social safety services and products.

Due to the loss of a unique identifier like Aadhaar, stand-alone databases can’t discover and do away with the reproduction or fraudulent beneficiaries. The most not unusual modus operandi adopted to inflate the beneficiary checklist is by putting reproduction entries, non-existent names, and the names of lifeless and non-eligible folks. Attempts are then made to scouse borrow the social safety advantages cash, depriving genuine claimants.

Fake ration cards

Many problems with the PDS ration system exist. There are hundreds of thousands of ineligible and fraudulent ration playing cards on the similar time, millions of deficient families haven’t any ration card. PDS shop house owners in collusion with government officials divert the sponsored food provide and petroleum to the black marketplace. Card numbers are inflated by way of those held underneath false or replica names, in the names of lifeless other folks, or by means of actual but ineligible folks.

Aadhaar-enabled DBT

Aadhaar-enabled carrier delivery (ASD) prevents corruption in retail by way of immediately crediting get advantages cash into the beneficiary’s bank account; this is called Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). It eliminates middlemen and fraudulent, ineligible beneficiaries. In this fashion, Aadhaar saves billions of rupees of public money once a year and permits poor other folks to get right of entry to social security benefits.

Various financial and different products and services are being Aadhaar-enabled, known as Aadhaar-enabled Service Delivery (ASD), in a phased manner. By 1 January 2014, half of India (289 districts across various states) had been coated by means of DBT for backed LPG. By August 2013, 6.3 million replica LPG connections were detected by means of Aadhaar and were canceled. The nationwide govt stored $1 billion on decreased imports by way of mid-2013.

e-Ration Card Services

With the help of e-Ration service, applicants can obtain ration cards and check their costs and food grain availability online. This will help end the corrupt practice of holding back rations and ensure cards reach the needy. Aadhaar card holders can apply for e-ration cards. The Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs website provides eligibility details for the food security plan. This service was first introduced in Delhi. Later this has been followed by the state Govt of Tamil Nadu.

PDS ration in Andhra Pradesh

PDS rationing in districts of Andhra Pradesh may also be an illustrative instance of the usage of modern generation to forestall retail corruption. Ration playing cards and corresponding bank accounts of the heads of households (HoF) had been linked with Aadhaar Numbers of family members. When a beneficiary buys rations from a PDS shop, their eligibility is authenticated thru an Aadhaar KYC handheld instrument. The PDS computer gadget reads out the volume eligibility and steadiness of every item within the local language. After acquire, the steadiness quantities for that month are readout.

The purchaser will pay the open market fee to the PDS shop. a Pc prints a receipt appearing all items purchased, stability items, money paid, and subsidy quantity. The subsidy amount is credited to the beneficiary’s bank account under the DBT program. Once all PDS shops within the state are linked to the Aadhaar-enabled central server, beneficiaries should buy their rations anywhere within the state without converting their ration card, which can receive advantages migrant staff within the state.[citation needed] Similarly, sponsored LPG is connected with the Aadhaar Number, and supply is made at a market charge. The subsidy quantity is credited as DBT to the eligible beneficiary.

Leakage and diversions of subsidized commodities provide no receive advantages to middlemen and retail corruption involves a halt.[citation needed] While filing the application for Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh, Form D1 needs to be submitted to the closest rationing place of business.

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