2000+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2023 – girls whatsapp number

2000+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2023 – girls whatsapp number: If you want to know the real WhatsApp number of girls then I think you have come to a good site. Are you one of those people? Who is searching on the internet or on Google about WhatsApp’s number of girls? If so, this post is for you and only for people like you. Because here we will share more than 1000 Whatsapp numbers of girls from many countries through today’s post with Whatsapp numbers, you can befriend them by texting them on Whatsapp.

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Everyone should have such a partner in life. So that they can share their happiness and sorrow with each other. And especially if you have a girlfriend as a partner.

And if the matter goes further, you can start an online date with them. Here all the girls will be given Whatsapp numbers. They will be completely genuine. That number must be the girls of any country. So let’s get started.

2000+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2023
2000+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2023

Real Girls Whatsapp Number of All Country:

The way boys look for girls to be friends. In the same way that girls have no friends in real life. They continue to make new friends through social media. That’s why they share their Whatsapp numbers on various social media or the internet. So that the boys can befriend them.

And by searching the same Whatsapp number, we have prepared a list for you. Which has Whatsapp numbers of all kinds of girls. Here we have given the Whatsapp numbers of all kinds of girls below.

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If you do not have a Whatsapp account on any of the numbers below, or there is no reply to your message from any WhatsApp number, so do not worry. Because not everyone has time online. You can try by texting any other girl’s Whatsapp number. And speak respectfully to those to whom you give the message of friendship. Because girls want the most respect. The girls are attracted to you quickly.

Kajal7123879654 – girl whatsapp number
Barkha Jain6031504589
Real Girls Whatsapp Number of All Country

Genuine Indian Girls Whatsapp Number:

In this list, you are given a pure Indian girl’s WhatsApp number. All these numbers will be given with their names. Yes, it cannot be said whether it is his real name or not. The name we know we are giving you is the same name number below.

Remember, Indian girls, are a little shy and respectful. That’s why you always talk to them well. With this, your friendship will soon become stronger.

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2000+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2023
2000+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2023
Rashmi Samal+91-9374728374
Kalpna+91 8503726783
Anisha Biswal+91-9678531296
Mamata Mallik+91786547469
Srabani Thakur+91 7681891747
Tanuja Samal+91 9654766051
Nini+91 636480966
Genuine Indian Girls’ Whatsapp Number

Latest Tamil Girls Whatsapp Number List:

Here is a list of all the girl’s Whatsapp numbers. They are all Tamil girls. Because Tamilian or Telugu girls prefer friendship. They love to make new friends. All the numbers being shared here, are all very recent. And all of them are active users. The advantage of this is that you are more likely to get your answer from all these numbers.

Janani8760805706 – girl whatsapp number
Shanmuga priya9976980376 – whatsapp number girl
Abi9940293904 – girls number whatsapp
Anuja9585948643 – girls number
Priya7639078801 – girl number whatsapp
Harini9840494189 – whatsapp girl num
kovai itam7305798794
Latest Tamil Girls Whatsapp Number List

Bengali girls whatsApp number :

We all know Bengali girls are famous all over the world for their sweetness and their language. Bengali girls are very beautiful to look at and their minds are very clear and good. Bengali girls are very naughty and once someone talks to a Bengali girl he must want to be her friend. So if you want you can talk to Bengali girls and make friends.

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They are very friendly and talk less. You can influence them by buying some clothes and chocolate and don’t forget about your behavior because Bengali girls are very concerned about the attitude of friends there. So don’t embarrass them and please them with your words and personality.

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NameWhatsapp NumberAge
Sayantani Dey003367377820
Sneha Roy0037993099321
Souravi Dey2897282902820
Priya Majumdar0112738739919
Rani Mukherjee0273873983823
Misti Saha0128837930021
Mousumi Dey0128837930022
Bengali girls’ Whatsapp number

Bangladeshi Girls & Women Whatsapp Number:

Bangladesh is the border of our country. The girls here are very beautiful and hot. And if we talk about their social profiles, then these people like boys with little money and romantic type. On the internet, you will find Whatsapp numbers or groups of Bangladeshi girls on many websites. However, more of them will remain fake. Otherwise, it will not be accounted for.

However, the WhatsApp number of these Bangladeshi girls will be shared no matter what. They will all be very active and real girls. Who will answer you quickly? Let’s see their WhatsApp number.

2000+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2023
2000+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2023
Kavita+91 99828 3506
Shila+91 88774 7681
Punam+91 879214811
PAYAL+91 766689005
Swati+91 782747503
Lovely+91 706167159
Aasha+91 809662002
Devika+91 890556855
Mitali+91 965453919
Bangladeshi Girls & Women Whatsapp Number


So These Are The Girl’s WhatsApp Numbers You Are Looking For. You Can Easily Talk With Them By Approaching Them But Remember Do Not Disturb Them If They Do Want To Talk With You Also Don’t Try To Call Them Without Their Permission.

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Remember, we are writing this article only to give you knowledge. If you misuse a girl’s Whatsapp number, and if those people file a complaint against you. So you will be responsible for it. Neither we nor the team members working on our blog will have anything to do with your responsibilities. And if any girl uses the wrong words on WhatsApp. And it gives you any kind of problem.

So we will not be responsible for it anymore. Our purpose is just to give you a little fun. Thank you very much for reading this article.

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